IRC is an Internet communication protocol made in August 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen. It was one of the first realtime solutions at the time. It is still used today due to being simple, rather intuitive and easy to master.

Despite being old, it’s still used nowadays. An example of that is the Sentient Team channel.

Connection Instructions

1) Get a good IRC client. For a quick start you can also pick Mibbit, though it’s advised to later on get a standalone client. By now you should also pick your nickname, which is the name that everyone will refer you by in IRC. I suggest you don’t use your real name!

2) Connect to That is the hostname of the server you’ll connect to.

3) Type

/join #sentientteam

in the chat bar and press Enter. This will join our channel. A channel is like a section of an IRC server dedicated to a topic, e.g. let’s say an IRC server has #mushrooms, where everyone there talks about mushrooms.

4) Profit!