Rayus: a Simple, yet Meaningful 3D Renderer

Rayus¬† is a simple and quickly-developed 3D raycaster demo by Gustavo6046. It is apparent the simplicity in this raycaster (although it does have textured walls, simplistic lighting, and map list server support for downloading, uploading and dynamically changing maps in an Unreal fashion), however it is a milestone that was reached far earlier than expected: a 3D renderer that can be extended to produce games. Of course, it isn’t exactly flexible – it uses JavaScript and Browserify, which means extending it (with modding or 3rd party games) would be a rather daunting (but still possible with File Readers) task; however, it is a decent raycaster (while not a very full-featured one, it does have quite a few things to show).

Introducing Gustavo6046

Name: Gustavo

Country: Brazil

Birthday: May 16th

I am the creator of Sentient Team, and I have a medium-sized ambition to make the world a good place for everyone, no matter the money… or the PC setup. Caring more for the people than for the team’s pockets. I value the creativity and privacy of everyone as important, as well.

My interests are game design and music composition. I’m also a programmer, so I made my first attempt at a full game – called Sentient Mushes, which also gave name to the Team. It might not be as good, speaking about visuals, but it has an interesting gameplay. (I’m still waiting for more people to criticize it! It’s an open project.)

The team is something made to attend to the lower classes, with what bigger companies can’t do: good, fast and creative software.


Have a good afternoon, and good luck – small projects are what change the big picture of life.